Below are just some of the letters we have had from previous participants
Dear Sandra,

I have felt very open and absolutely fabulous! But also emotional as I have felt the emotions that have surfaced from doing the exercises and meditations, where I have gained insight about something I have been in conflict with, within myself, I now understand why it is that way and what I can do to change it, to change what is within me for my highest good, so that I can make a positive life for myself."

I came here for answers – for someone to give me the answers. Now I realise that I have to find the answers within myself.

The weekend has given me some excellent tools to find those answers – and the motivation to use those tools.

I realise that I am more stubborn than I'd like to admit, and must learn to let go and receive the inspiration I'm looking for, and accept my path, whatever it may be. I must start my journey – and I feel more confident to start.

Thank you for your kindness and patience. Love and kindest regards."

"Having had an open mind about the weekend and therefore no expectations, I found the weekend to be a journey of discovery and enlightenment.

Parts made huge sense as I recognised some truth that was deeply buried, and parts were new and so exciting.

From arriving on Friday night to leaving on Sunday night I feel there has been a transformation of the old to the new – a realisation of potential – a growth, knowledge and deeper understanding. The meeting of like-minded people in safe surroundings – each with a very special part to play and message to give.

I have received so much too, and once again thank you for everything that I have learned and continue to learn. And most importantly for being you and for the beauty and wisdom of your teachings. Thank you."

"I have just had a couple of incredible days – your influence stretches far! So profoundly have I been changed by the weekend in Glastonbury that not only do I feel completely different about my current 'challenges' but I also got asked out yesterday – the first time in four years! I must be vibrating at a different level!"

"This retreat was a wonderful, nurturing, life-confirming experience.Thank you!"

"I feel ready to return home with a renewed self esteem. The venue is ideally located for the peace and quiet I needed. I will return for another course. This weekend has been a great source of help and support. Thank you."

"Gained a deeper understanding of listening to my heart. Found the healing very beneficial and have learnt new meditation techniques."

I feel I can control my emotions more now. The venue is lovely and the food is great. Overall a lovely, interesting experience."

"I felt very comfortable and at home. Thank you so much for an enlightening weekend. You have set me on the path to find me and I will be eternally grateful to you."

"I found it very relaxing, I enjoyed the walking and the meditation a lot. Thanks Sandra for a great weekend, a good balance between being outside and having you talk to us and teach us."
Annie D

"I really enjoyed the weekend as it not only gave me new motivation but also more spiritual balance. I won't be scared about moving forward."

"The [financial] workshop was an amazing insight into how I can make money work for me. It enabled me to see how the financial aspect of life is part of a spiritual life. I have come away with a much greater understanding of the importance of giving and receiving and connecting to spirit.

I would recommend the course to anyone who feels money holds them back in life and wants to learn the true connection between finances and spirit."


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